Terms And Condition of using SelfTune Software All the products described in these pages are intended for activities lawful only for use in sports and non-road, in any case not on public street. SelfTune seller not assumes no liability for use of products sold especially for different purposes not legal. The buyer's responsibility to request a legal advice on the specific intended use of the device in accordance with the laws in force. With the purchase of these materials, the buyer agrees to indemnify the seller of SelfTune from any claim of any kind, from any direct and / or indirect damage caused by the use of non-conforming goods sold and / or used this also tuned/modified cars. All the product in this website are intended for educational purpose so Selftune seller assumes no responsibility for any direct or indirect damages caused by utilization of Selftune product or software. Selftune is intended for personal use, file produced by Selftune software cannot be used to make databank, resold or shared to third parts, else software will be disabled without prior advise.Software cannot be used with remote technology, to prevent not autorized sharing of software with other pc's, selftune can make check on memory pc, this check are limited only to identify risk of remote sharing. Selftune will not collect or memorize any personal data of user.Limit quota is 40 request click counted for week. Data of expiring subscription will refer always on buy data. The SelfTune seller produces software for racing use to be used mainly on the track, in fact, remember that the movement of a car prepared and approved in Italy and abroad is prohibited by the applicable rules of the road and in this case the SelfTune seller assumes no responsibility with respect to such prohibited use. In this sense, the SelfTune seller assumes no responsibility for direct and / or indirect, exclusive and / or competition in the event of any violations of the specifications. Foreign Language: If customer cannot understand this page can ask clarification to info@selftune.info before accessing to software pages.